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High alloy wire

High alloy wire


Mark Св-04Х19Н11М3

Produced according to GOST 2246-70. World analogue AWS: ER-316LSi.

Application Welding wire Св-04Х19Н11М3

The wire is used for welding of austenitic stainless steels 10Х17Н13М3Т, 03Х17Н14М2 semiautomatic gas-shielded. Also, the electrodes are made.

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Mark св-20х13

High-alloy welding wire manufactured according to GOST 2246-70 from the high-corrosion, heat-resistant steel.

Application Welding wire св-20х13

Welding of stainless steel parts, especially wearing parts of machines that require high resistance to wear and corrosion.

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Mark Св-13Х25Н18

High-alloy welding wire Св-13Х25Н18 made in accordance with GOST 2246-70.


Dissimilar critical structures, different types of steel, as well as products which can be operated in the temperature. to 1000C in oxidizing environments.

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Mark Св-07Х25Н13, a global analogue – ER 309LSi.



High-alloy welding wire Св-07Х25Н13 used for welding critical structures, steels 20Х23Н13 and 20Х23Н18, as well as …

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Mark Св-05Х20Н9ФБС

The wire is made in accordance with GOST 2246-70


With the help of high-alloy welding wire Св-05Х20Н9ФБС especially important nodal structure that will be used at temperatures up to 350 ° C.

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Mark Св-04Х19Н9, a global analogue – ER-308 LSi.

The wire is made in accordance with GOST 2246-70, diameter 0,8-6,0mm.


Chrome-nickel corrosion-resistant wire is used for semi-automatic welding stainless steels: 03Х18Н11, 03Х17Н14М2, 08Х18Н10Т, 08Х18Н10 (ER-304), 06Х18Н11, 12Х18Н10Т, 12Х18Н9Т.

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Mark Св-01Х19Н9

Welding wire is made in accordance with GOST 2246-70


Welding of chromium and chromium-nickel austenitic steels, which have not a high thermal conductivity, viscosity, resistance to corrosion, as well as stainless steels.

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Mark Св-12Х13, analogues in the world – ER-410.

The wire is made in accordance with GOST 2246-70 diameter – 1.0-5.0 mm.

Application Welding wire Св-12Х13

Welding martensitic / ferritic steels chloride and surfacing low alloy and non-alloy high-strength steels.

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Mark Св-08Х20Н9Г7Т

Manufactured in accordance with GOST 2246-70, RD 03-613-03, TU 1220-005-84823540-2010. Meets global peers – ER-307Si.

Application of high-Welding wire Св-08Х20Н9Г7Т

Welding semiautomatic different austenitic steels 08Х18Н12Б, 12Х18Н9Т, 08Х18Н10Т …

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Mark Св-07Х19Н10Б

The wire is made in accordance with GOST 2246-70. World analogue ER-347.

Application of high-Welding wire Св-07Х19Н10Б

Welding chromium-nickel steels 08Х18Н12Б, 08Х18Н12Т, 12Х18Н10Т, 12Х18Н9Т. That is, the wire of this mark is used in cases where …

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Mark Св-06Х19Н9Т

Produced according to GOST 2246-70. Analogues in the world – ER-321. Wire thickness 0,8-6,0 mm.

Application of high-Welding wire Св-06Х19Н9Т

Welding of steels 12Х18Н9Т, 12Х18Н10Т, 008Х19Н10Г2Б, 8Х18Н10, 08Х18Н10Т, 08Х18Н9, 04Х19Н9, 06Х19Н9Т, at constant current, shielding gas.

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