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Titan bar

Titan bar

Круг титановый


Circle of titanium – solid profile of circular cross section, made of titanium or titanium alloy. Characteristics of titanium mill depend on the method of production, chemical composition and quality of the material. Titanium is a unique material in its characteristics, strong as steel and light as aluminum. Resistant to corrosion and aggressive environment – this metal is considered eternal. Circle Titanium has a heat resistance, corrosion resistance, high specific strength, low density and low weight.

Products made of titanium can withstand the pressure of the hot gases produced by carrier rocket and the water pressure at the bottom of the ocean. His use of titanium found in medicine, it is unknown “tired” and in addition it is biologically inert, is not rejected by living tissues when transplanted. With its range of properties of titanium has become one of the most used products of modern steel.

The disadvantages of titanium range include its cost, due to the high technological complexity of obtaining it in a pure form. Good heat resistance, durability and other advantages have negative side, it takes more resources to process the material. Circle of titanium is simply irreplaceable in the manufacture of aerospace components industry where the demands on the materials are very high. The quality titanium circle can be high, medium or improved quality (mark with an “R”). The surface of the titanium wheel can be planed or sanded.

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