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Titan wire

Titan wire

 титановая проволока купить

Titanium wire is produced according to Standart 27265-87, has a low density and ease, high specific strength, heat resistance, wire titanium alloy also has “shape memory”.

Wire is the following brands BT 1-00sv, 2B PT-7Msv FROM 4sv FROM 4-1sv FROM 4-1sv, SPT-2, BT 6sv, 20-1sv BT, BT 20-2sv in degassed and etching condition . Titanium wire is used in the construction of jet aircraft and vessels in the chemical industry, medicine, due to its high corrosion resistance, acid resistance and biological inertness.

Titanium wire is used as an additive to form, skeletons, shells made of titanium alloys. Wire marks VT-1.0, VT-1.00, are generally used as a consumable welding. However, there are other aspects of its application, braided high-pressure hoses, filters for the oil industry. In addition, the wire marks VT 1.0 and VT 1.00 can be used as a blank for the manufacture of titanium anode baskets for electroplating facilities.

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