Butterfly valve

Butterfly valve

Затворы дисковые поворотные

Butterfly valve — a kind of shut-off valves, which are used in water supply systems, heating and pumping chemically neutral liquids. This kind of gate is the most popular components pipework worldwide. Other names — butterfly valve, rotary valve, valve disc.

Disc butterfly valve body mostly made ​​of gray or ductile iron, and the rotating disc of nickel-plated iron.

The metal disc is rigidly fixed to the axis in a plane perpendicular to the direction of water flow, and that it is mainly the locking member. Upon rotation of the disc rotated from the plane perpendicular to the tube axis, in a plane which coincides with the axis of the conduit. To drive did not turn the water pressure or other working environment, lock, which is posted on the handle protects the butterfly valve.

Butterfly valve is made with centering, threaded eyelets or without eyelets. Also, you can often find butterfly valves with a body which consists of two separable parts.

In the running portion of the valve body inserted into the cuff of different materials (temperature-dependent properties and the working environment) which are used seals, corrosion protection. This may be rubber, PTFE or metal sealing ring.

Butterfly valves are controlled by a knob or lever, electric drive, or mechanical gearbox. All valves are available in standard sizes to easily attach controls. Manual control lever is recommended to use at nominal diameters 150mm more. Automated control butterfly valves used in industrial processes, or to control in tight spaces. Main advantages of the butterfly valve:

gate design is simple and clear, easy to install and repair without any additional knowledge and skills; design enables all valves on the pipes, in any position; not high weight and compact size; full tightness in both directions and a short time during the closure; no dead zones, no external parts and components that need lubrication; high degree of protection against biological and chemical active media, to prevent corrosion and ensure a long service life; long life of the valves is about 3 times higher than that of the valves; easily adjustable bandwidth no need for laying pipe flanges; not a strong liking shutter moving parts; it is possible to use for foods and drinking water; affordable price.

When comparing the butterfly valve with a similar wedge gate valve flange shows that the gate has a much smaller size, and four times less weight, thus reducing the weight on the pipeline. They are easy to install, do not need any mounting pads or lifting equipment. Valve has a small resource work, and if it fails, the repair need more spending, special equipment, the repair of the shutter can be done simply by changing the node insert disk.

Not much weight, compactness, tightness, low price — allow the use of rotary disc valves in various engineering systems for slab pipework.