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Aluminium tube

Aluminium tube

труба дюралевая цена

Aluminum pipe is particularly durable and resistant to atmospheric conditions, both rural and urban industrial areas. Sulphur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, ammonia and other gases in the air of industrial areas, do not have a significant effect on the rate of corrosion of aluminum and its alloys.

Pipes of aluminum not containing copper, relatively persistent in the natural (non-contaminated) seawater. On these products there is usually pitting corrosion and therefore the stability of aluminum and its alloys in sea water is not determined by the change in weight of samples and on the permeation rate of corrosion, and to change the mechanical properties of these alloys. For aluminum alloys, plastic products are used that provides good weldability. Aluminium tubes are made from a material annealed and cold-worked, with hardening method of natural or artificial aging. After quenching material may be harden more work hardening, and then wear out naturally or artificially.

Classification of aluminum tubes

According to the method of production:

Of cold;
Welded welded.

The shape of the section:

Square tube aluminum;
Wall thickness:

Round thin-walled (wall thickness up to 5 mm);
Round, thick-walled (wall thickness more than 5mm).

As the material:

Without heat treatment (hot-);
Annealed – M;
Cold-worked and polunagartovannye – H, H2;
Hardened and naturally aged – T;
Hardened and artificially aged – T1;
Not completely hardened and artificially aged – T5.

In length:

Random length;
Measured length;
The lengths of the multiple dimensional;
In the bays.

The aluminum pipe. Application:

road construction;
Finishing work;
construction of ships, cars, airplanes;
manufacture of fuel tanks, radiators, pipes;
installation of pipelines, heating systems, gas pipelines, water pipelines.

Pipe duralumin

Duralumin – an alloy of aluminum, magnesium, manganese and copper – the hottest of aluminum alloys.

Aluminum and duralumin tubes last longer and are much lighter than steel. Dural tube well withstand loads and contact with aggressive media. Additional heat treatment (hardening, aging natural or artificial) can significantly stiffen the pipe.

Duralumin subject to corrosion, so the product is applied duralumin film of pure aluminum.


electrical and radio engineering;
transport machinery, construction of ships, cars, airplanes, etc.
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