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Биржевые цены
Aluminium ribbon

Aluminium ribbon

алюминиевая лента цена

Aluminum tape can be made by rolling the desired width or slitting wide belts up to 1000 mm. Aluminum tape refractory, non-magnetic, has high heat resistance, high chemical resistance. Aluminium tape – one of the most popular types of rolled aluminum today

Classification of aluminum tape

According to the method of production:

  • not plating;
  • plating;
  • with technological plating – B;
  • normal plating – A.

As the material:

  • without heat treatment;
  • annealed – M;
  • quarter of the cold-worked -H;
  • work-hardened floor – H2;
  • three-quarters of the cold-worked – H3;
  • cold-worked – N.

By manufacturing precision thickness:

  • with symmetrical thickness deviation;
  • with asymmetric thickness deviation;
  • normal accuracy;
  • increased accuracy – AP

Aluminum tape is supplied in rolls. Buy aluminum tape is possible in our company OOO Atomtehnologii. The price will surprise you.

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