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Aluminium foil

алюминиевая фольга пищевая

Aluminum foil is usually made of aluminum alloy, but the minimum content of aluminum in it no less than 92% and may reach 99%. A very thin sheet of foil 0.2 mm, which allows it to be plastic and take a variety of forms. To date, the foil almost completely replaced the used previously tin foil.

Aluminum foil is used both inside and outside, insulated and insulated roofs, lofts, attics, floors, walls, sections of the wall panels for heating, etc.

The foil should be used as a reflective insulation in areas with high temperatures, such as a bath (100 ° C). Technology foil is a good vapour seal and replace if necessary roofing materials such as roofing materials, asphalt paper, emit different pollutants with increasing temperature.

Foil is applied not only one, but combined with other insulation materials. Thanks to its polished surface, aluminum foil reflect most of the energy, greatly improving the efficiency of insulation used.

It is used in addition to the baths and saunas, solves the problem of maintaining the thermal radiation inside. Foil retaining heat, reduces heating time and heat retention at lower heating costs, yielding a so-called thermos effect. Set mirror inside out keeping the heat inside.

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