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Brass tape

Brass tape

Manufactured in accordance with GOST 4442-72, GOST 1018-77, GOST 20707-80, GOST 2208-91 Brass brands LMts58-2, LS59-1, L63, LS63-3, L68, L80, L85, L90.
More than 10m 0,05-2,00mm 10-600mm

Length Width Thickness
More than 10m 0,05-2,00 mm 10-600 mm

Ordering of cold-tapes made of brass

By appointment: general purpose tape brass ЛМц58-2, ЛС59-1, , Л63, Л68, Л80, Л85, Л90; from lead 63-3 PM brass for precision instrument making, brass Л68 tape for the production of capsules; Tape brass radiator ,: Л63 Л90 for the production of cooling radiator tubes and plates.
In precision manufacturing precision :: normal width-thickness – H; normal width and increased in thickness – И; increased in width and a normal thickness – К; increased in width, thickness – П; High thickness – В.
Hardness: soft – М; semi – П; Solid – Т; very solid – О; spring-solid – Ж.

The use of brass bands

Brass is resistant to corrosion, very high-tech, so in demand in many sectors related to the production of small parts, particularly complex shapes. Brass bands is indispensable in the production of caps, bearing cages, capacitors, relays, non-wire resistors and other electronic components for the engraving work in the interior, in the electromechanical, electrical, auto-electrician and means of communication.

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