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Knife gate valves

Knife gate valves

Knife gate valves are designed for maximum regulate and shut tight working environment transported through pipelines. The main advantage is their ability valves operating in the most difficult conditions (corrosive environments, high temperature), where any other fittings simply can not operate.

Knife gate – is welded frame construction, which consists of two parts, one is a through window through which the conveyed product, and in another part of the valve gate is (knife) and its controls. The knife is very sharp and slides inside a narrow body, easily entering any passing environment. Gate securely in any position, and the final closing, it is pressed against the pad for maximum tightness. Stuffing box seals the top of the knife.

Knife gate valve with rising produce and rising stem. The difference is that a retractable spindle performs reciprocating rotational and translational motion, and the spindle is not extendable produces only rotational motion. Valves with rising stem not used in systems where operating environments act oil, water or mineral oil.

To achieve tight locking and complete seal knife gate valves, work surfaces are treated specially, including the edge of the blade and the guide, and is also used gasket, which is made of modern materials. This design with knife gate facilitates the replacement shaft seal and repair works. The basic units of valves are made with cast iron or stainless steel, which in turn causes their high reliability, excellent performance characteristics and durability. Knife gate valves are of great height, but the disadvantage is fully compensated by their short length.

The main design features of Knife gate valves:
full tightness in different directions;
Full bore;
replaceable seat and seal;
options with rising or rising stem;
different drives;
lack zasornyh zones, like a knife accurately included in the body;
negligible pressure loss;
for viscous media can make the adjustment valves with a diaphragm.

Due to its simplicity and reliability of gate valves are used in many fields. They are used in water and wastewater systems in chemistry, energy , pulp and paper industry, the oil industry, not only for the transportation of liquid, but viscous and sometimes granular media. They are able to block the flow of work environments that are characterized by high viscosity, the presence of particulate matter, the ability to crystallize. Also, gate valves used for transporting reactive granular, powdery and fibrous media. Working environments often are: waste water, pulp, shredded textiles, grain, polymer chips, heavy oil, syrups, cement, flour, sugar, animal feed.

Control knife gate valves can be either manually using the wheel, or key, and with the help of an electric or pneumatic actuator.

Our portfolio has a wide selection of knife gate valves, you can always buy from our site, choosing among a wide range of operating temperatures, nominal sizes and pressure ratings.

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