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Molybdenum bar

Molybdenum bar

Молибденовый круг

The chemical element molybdenum discovered by Swedish chemist in 1778. The industry began to produce molybdenum in 1909, when scientists discovered the special properties of steels gun and armor, this metal alloy. This element can not be found in nature in pure form, but it is known about 20 minerals.

Molybdenum and its alloys are characterized as refractory materials, durable and tough, with a very low coefficient of thermal expansion, and very elastic. The alloys used in aircraft and missiles the skins and serve as the primary structural material. This metal tungsten two easier, this indicates that the molybdenum circle has a high specific strength, and titanium-molybdenum alloys can easily transfer heat to 1500 ° C. It is the specific strength molybdenum and plays a major role in use in the industry.

One of the products of molybdenum Molybdenum is rolled round. The main advantages of molybdenum range is high mechanical strength, resistance to corrosion, resistance to aggressive environments, such as in hot concentrated solutions of acids and alkalis, heat resistance and heat resistance.

Molybdenum circle marks MCH, MC, MC is designed for operation (doped silicon) is designed for operation at t ° above 2000 °. Circle molybdenum brands MPH, MCH (with SILICA-doped) has a high recrystallization and high tensile strength and flexural strength.

The biggest disadvantage of molybdenum is considered to be the high cost in production. Also, the metal-rare in nature, is not present in pure form, a refractory, and although gives strength alloys, but thereby increasing brittleness.



Diameter, mm

Length mm

The resistivity, Ω * cm

Hardness, HB

Density, g / cm2


до 1000


more than 120

more than 10,2

Molybdenum circle actively used in nuclear power and aerospace industries, in high electric furnaces for melting refractory metals, chemical industry.

Production of molybdenum circles / wire.



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Circle МЧВП 0,014 0,003 0,3 0,003 0,003 0,2 0,003 0,1
Wire МЧ 0,018 0,009 0,005 0,005 0,014 0,005

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