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Molybdenum melting pots

Molybdenum melting pots

Молибденовый тигель

Molybdenum melting pots, also known as molybdenum, is primarily characterized by high resistance to oxidation at high temperatures. Also crucible resistant to galvanic corrosion and can retain its shape when exposed to high temperatures.

Stamps molybdenum crucibles:



The main purpose of molybdenum crucibles is their use in high-temperature furnaces to create special conditions of the different processes in metallurgy. For example, the crucibles with lids used in the vacuum atmosphere and inert gases. Also without these products is simply not possible to effectively treat the silicon hold distillation, refining, smelting, casting, recovery, smelting of rare elements such as scandium or yttrium.

Molybdenum crucibles are mainly used in engineering and metallurgy. Products of complex shapes used in high-tech industries.

Molybdenum crucibles are predominantly high strength, high purity material, and very resistant to high temperatures. They are used in systems for melting the rare earth metals, sapphire crystal growth in the production of LEDs. With molybdenum crucibles, it is possible to very thin metal films on various surfaces.


Cleanliness of the chemical composition of molybdenum crucibles reaches 99.95%;
Strength of molybdenum – 9.4-9.8 gr./sm3.
Operating temperature ranges from 1400 ℃ to 1900 ℃;
Molybdenum crucibles can be used at temperatures above 2450 º C, but in the rarefied atmosphere or vacuum.

Our company implements Atomtehnologii molybdenum crucibles of various shapes and sizes, at affordable prices. The cost depends on the products of complex configuration and dimensions as they are of different diameters, angle, thickness.

On request, we manufacture crucibles to customized drawings. Our company selects the best raw material for the production of that product met all quality certificates. Depending on the agreement with the customer, molybdenum crucibles can be supplied with treated and non-treated surface. We also produce: crucibles with a rounded edge, conical, ellipsoobraznye bottomless. Terms of production and delivery of products specified in advance. We guarantee the quality of products and reasonable prices.

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