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About the company

      Atomteel LTD is a specialized engineering company that has been operating in the industrial market. We carry out activities in the field of industrial design (design of engineering and machine-tool construction items), research and development works, design support for mass production, development of turn-key projects, scientific and technical marketing and production engineering.

    We offer our partners an integrated approach in solving problems of energy independence of enterprises. Our specialists have developed a system for the transition of enterprises from gas to electricity. As an example, we have implemented projects for drying and heating the steel-liner lining, according to a given temperature schedule, etc. Specialists of the company have the latest information on new products in this direction, solving, first of all, the task of saving money of their customers.

Competences of the company:

  • Reconstruction of existing production
  • Creating an automated process control system
  • Selection, delivery and launch of equipment
  • Development of an enterprise development strategy
  • Development of recommendations of a technical, technological and organizational nature, in order to reduce financial, material and technical costs and optimize the work and number of staff.

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