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Square stainless steel

Square stainless steel

Square stainless steel – it is semi-finished product , which has a square cross-sectional shape.

Square (rod) is made from different grades of steel AISI 316L , AISI 310 , AISI 321 using hot and cold rolling. In the final stage of processing the surface of stainless steel square or articles thereof, can be mirrored, supermirror, polished or matte.

Various grades of steel, stainless steel refers to various properties of the square, through which applied in various industries. It is widely used in food, chemical, building, the paper industry. Often a square stainless steel is used as a stand alone carrier elements in the supporting structures. Such designs can be operated at high temperatures and in corrosive environments. Resistance to a wide range of stainless steel aggressive factors makes extensive use of it in all regions of our country.

Stainless steel rods according to the method of their production are classified into:

Calibrated (GOST 8559-75);
Hot-rolled stainless steel (GOST 2591-88).

By length is classified into:

  • Random length;
  • dimensional length;
  • Multiple gauge length.

By rolling precision stainless steel square classified into:

  • Category A – high accuracy;
  • Category B – increased accuracy;
  • Category B – standard accuracy.

Stainless squares have a range of sizes – from 10 to 240 mm. The average length of a square is 2 meters, but if necessary, it may be made by cutting and other dimensions. Also, if you wish, you can make welding products or perforation of flat-rolled.

Each brand square AISI 316L, AISI 310S AISI 321 AISI 304 used in the industry, depending on the parameters and steel from which it is made. Square stainless steel can be used in environments with high temperatures and in harsh environment with temperature variations. Large cross-section of the square indicates its strong high performance, which is why these dimensions are used to a very critical areas.

Usually stainless steel rods processed into metal: rails, bands, channels, beams.

Square bars have excellent weldability and weak magnetized. Operating temperature is 400 stainless steel square – 8000S. Stainless steel products should be stored under cover.

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