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Stainless steel welding wire

Stainless steel welding wire

Проволока нержавеющая сварочная

None automated welding production is not without filler wire. It is part of the electrodes, as the filler rod for manual welding, and as a consumable electrode with semi-automatic and automatic welding. The mainadvantage of this type of welding is that it is possible to ensure the continuity of the process and get a smooth and high quality weld.

There are several types of welding wire: stainless steel, powder, carbon, alloy, and others. The main rule is that the composition of the wire and the work piece must be the same and to be homogeneous.

We take a closer look stainless welding wire, which is used when welding on stainless steel. This wire is made from steel grades: Sv06H19N9T, Sv04H19N11M3, Sv07H25N13, Sv04H19N9, 12X18H10T, cold-orhot-drawn. Stainless steel wire corresponds to GOST 18143-72.

When compared to similar products, such wire is characterized by high strength, resistance to damage to mechanical stress and the difficult conditions.

The service life of stainless steel is very large, because it very often used for welding, and for other purposes in areas such as: engineering, food industry, energy.

12X18H10T is the most common type of welding stainless steel wire. Its main advantage – it is resistant to high temperatures, corrosion and aggressive environments. It is used for welding of stainless steel, since there is no possibility to use electrodes of ferrous metals, since they alter the chemical composition of the weld.

Stainless welding wire welded machine parts, aircraft, pipelines. Also it is used for welding of steels whichcontain large amounts of chromium and nickel.

The wire is made of stainless steel in coil-type D-300 for 12 kg. Using a special device, she dispensed fed to the weld. The wire can be used as arc welding and gas welding. For arc welding using a stainless steel wiregrades: ER-347Si, ER-316LSi, ER-309 LSi, ER-308 LSi. Brand name letters denote the presence therein ofelements such as Si (silicon). This wire is available in diameters ranging from 0.8-1.2 mm. Weld low carbon obtained.

Depending on the type of welding (automatic, semi-automatic, arc welding) stainless steel wire is also divided into grades. Some brands contain a higher percentage of molybdenum and silicon, whichsignificantly improves the quality of the weld. Conventional welding wire contains carbon, chromium, magnesium, nickel, silicon, sulfur and phosphorus. The presence of many components can improve the quality of the weld, the price of the same on the wire depends on its quality. When compared with the wireof ferrous metals, stainless steel wire a cheaper

It should also be noted that the melting temperature of stainless steel wire has the same melting point to be welded. That is why in the wire many different additives that make it virtually universal during welding work.

Atomtehnology ltd company provides you with a selection of the welding wire of different brands for different types of work. All products meet the state standards and standards. We accept purchase orders and sell all in the short term. Wholesale purchases are for a discount.

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