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Tungsten electrode

Tungsten electrode

вольфрамовый электрод купити

The electrode – a core of which is based on an electrically conductive material for supplying current to the work piece (pipes, sheets, angles, square. At present, in Ukraine there are more than 100 brands of electrodes, with more than half of the manufactured electrodes are consumable for manual arc welding. There are two types of welding and argon arc.

Tungsten electrode One effective tungsten electrodes since most of the refractory metals are present on the earth, its melting point is 3410 ° C, the boiling point of 10 220 ° C, a density of 19.3 g / cm³. Hardness is maintained even when the temperature reaches 400-500 ° C. Consumption of tungsten welding is very small – a few hundredths of a gram per 1 meter of the weld and the tungsten electrodes doped oxides and rare earth elements, even more resistant!

At this time, tungsten electrodes have a diverse chemical composition with different properties. The tungsten to achieve higher performance when welding technical paper introduces various oxides of various rare-earth metals, the same as lanthanum, yttrium, cerium, zirconium, and thorium.

Stamps can be divided into domestic and international CIS:

Domestic brands VA, overhead lines, the SVR. Technological process of manufacturing the electrodes and high performance provide high heat resistance and operational durability. The size and configuration of the products have a wide range and are regulated according to the set parameters and customer drawings. The cost of tungsten electrodes calculated the size, complexity of design, additional requirements exposes the customer.

Foreign brands of tungsten electrodes WL-20, WT-20, WC-20, WZ8, WY-20, the most used in arc welding with shielding gas.

Our company sells Atomsteel tungsten electrodes wl-20 and other brands.

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