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Tangsten bar

Tangsten bar

вольфрамовый круг

In the manufacture of vacuum devices and in the production of various contacts used tungsten circle (bars). Tungsten circles of various purpose (BPH) and BA brands, doped with Si (silicon) and Al (aluminum) are available with different diameters from 1.0 to 10mm. The circle is made by rolling, drawing or pressing in accordance with the applicable rules and technology requirements of STANDART. An additional control is carried out by experts at all stages of production. Finished products are wound into coils or wound on a spool.

Its application found tungsten rods as electrodes for arc welding. In soldered solder in special glass contact current flows in the electric appliances. Besides circles used in manufacturing a directly heated cathode ion sources implant systems.

Tungsten round. Application

Products made of tungsten have – a wide range of applications in the electronic and electrical industries. Depending on the diameter and quality of the material from which it is made, used for producing various circuits and components, such as a spiral filament cathode, a grid and other types of heaters.

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