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Stainless steel transition

Stainless steel transition

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Stainless steel red tee is one of the transition elements of the pipeline, which serves as a smooth connection between pipes of different diameters. That is, they can produce changes in the diameter of the pipeline in complex multi-level highways with full sealing.

Depending on their shape, stainless transitions are distinguished: concentric (labeling is marked-K) and eccentric (letter – E).

переход эксцентрический 

рис. 1 эксцентрический

  переход концентрический

рис. 2 концентрический

Concentric products primarily distinguished by the fact that both transitions are located on one axis of symmetry. Such transitions are used only on the pipeline in the vertical sections. In eccentric transitions line one wall, and on the other there is a change in diameter. Typically, they are installed in horizontal pipelines, and attached by welding. Eccentric stainless transition withstand extreme loads. Depending on the method of attachment, the transitions can be flanged or welded. Depending on the manufacturing process, the transitions can be stamped (GOST 173738-83), welded ( OST34-10-753-97TU 102-488-95 ), turned and Stamped. They are produced in accordance. Seamless (stamped) transitions according to GOST 17378-01 produce, or the geometry of the TU for the same guests, all depends on the grade of steel that is used. Their length is usually small, inner surface is smooth , and the accuracy is very high connection dimensions. Stamped transitions produced according to TU 102-488-95 Welded transitions made ​​by these standards: 36-44-81 OST, 34-42OST 36-22-77, 34.10.7spade, molded, rolled. Flap made ​​of stainless transitions longitudinal tubes and one with the hole axis coincides with a welded seam. Moulded make transitions through crimping the tube end, if a smaller diameter is needed, and dispensing by means of a pipe end when a larger diameter is needed. Rolled stainless transitions contain two welds along the forming cone. The distance between the seams is not 10 inches. Turned transitions produce OST 108.318.11-82 Steel products are made from different grades of steel, it all depends on the characteristics of the working environment transported. Details of carbon steel grades 10, 20, FCZ used in pipelines, where such protection is transported as oil, gas, and other petroleum products, which are characterized by small and medium aggressiveness. For highly corrosive environments produce transitions from high-alloy steel – 5HM, 12Cr18Ni10Ti 15H5M. They are best suited where required high resistance to oxidation corrosion.Steel grades, from which they produce – AISI 321, AISI 304, according to GOST 17378-83. Products most commonly used in the chemical, energy, food industry. They are capable of operating at pressures up to 16 MPa, b temperatures ranging from -70 to +450°C. Application of seamless transitions and forged stainless steel according to GOST 17378-2001 agreed. GOST 34.10.753-934.10.753-9734.10.753-97regulates the requirements and standards for welded sheet concentric and eccentric reducers, which are made of carbon steel. They are used in thermal power plants with operating temperatures up to +350°C. 36-22-77 Standard regulates the requirements for steel transitions from carbon steel. They are used in chemical, petroleum and metallurgical industries. Operating temperature Frequency -300 up to +300°C. Stainless transitions are highly resistant to corrosion, which are transported by pipeline in and possess high corrosion resistance. These properties allow transitions Stainless possess qualities such as high levels of security, lowest accident rate, long service life. Increased durability and environmental friendliness, these products allow the use of most enterprises in various industries. Stainless transitions (concentric and eccentric) is very easy to operate, thanks to their plasticity, toughness, and ease of welding. The company “Atomtehnology” LTD offers a wide range of pipe fittings. There is also a stainless steel transitions from different grades of steel. All products are certified and meet all standards. There is an opportunity to make a product according to your drawings, as well as wholesale and retail.


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32х21  (Ду 25х15)


32х26  (Ду 25х20)


38х21  (Ду 32х15)


38х26  (Ду 32х20)


38х32  (Ду 32х25)


42х21  (Ду 32х15)


42х26  (Ду 32х20)


42х32  (Ду 32х25)


45х21  (Ду 40х15)


45х26  (Ду 40х20)


45х32  (Ду 40х25)


45х38  (Ду 40х32)


48х21  (Ду 40х15)


48х26  (Ду 40х20)


48х32  (Ду 40х25)


48х38  (Ду 40х32)


48х42  (Ду 40х32)


57х26  (Ду 50х20)


57х32  (Ду 50х25)


57х38  (Ду 50х32)


57х42  (Ду 50х32)


57х45  (Ду 50х40)


57х48  (Ду 50х40)


76х32  (Ду 65х25)


76х38  (Ду 65х32)


76х42  (Ду 65х32)


76х45  (Ду 65х40)


76х48  (Ду 65х40)


76х57  (Ду 65х50)


89х42  (Ду 80х32)


89х45  (Ду 80х40)


89х48  (Ду 80х40)


89х57  (Ду 80х50)


89х76  (Ду 80х65)


108х57  (Ду 100х50)


108х76  (Ду 100х65)


108х89  (Ду 100х80)


114х57  (Ду 100х50)


114х76  (Ду 100х65)


114х89  (Ду 100х80)


133х57  (Ду 125х50)


133х76  (Ду 125х65)


133х89  (Ду 125х80)


133х108  (Ду 125х100)


133х114  (Ду 125х100)


159х57  (Ду 150х50)


159х76  (Ду 150х65)


159х89  (Ду 150х80)


159х108  (Ду 150х100)


159х114  (Ду 150х100)


159х133  (Ду 150х125)










































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Переходы эксцентрические

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Э 45х4-32х4


Э 57х3-32х3


Э 57х3-48х3


Э 76х5-48х5


Э 76х3.5-57х3


Э 76х6-57х5


Э 89х3.5-57х3


Э 89х6-57х4


Э 89х4-76х4


Э 89х6-76х5


Э 108х4-57х3


Э 108х6-57х4


Э 108х4-76х3.5


Э 108х6-76х5


Э 108х4-89х4


Э 108х6-89х6


Э 114х4-57х3


Э 114х6-57х4


Э 114х5-76х5


Э 114х6-76х5


Э 114х5-89х5


Э 114х6-89х6


Э 133х4-57х3


Э 133х6-57х4


Э 133х5-76х3.5


Э 133х8-76х5


Э 133х5-89х5


Э 133х6-89х5


Э 133х5-108х4


Э 133х8-108х6


Э 133х5-114х4


Э 133х6-114х6


Э 159х4.5-57х3


Э 159х8-57х4


Э 159х4.5-76х3.5


Э 159х6-76х6


Э 159х4.5-89х3.5


Э 159х8-89х6


Э 159х4.5-108х4


Э 159х8-108х6


Э 159х4.5-114х4


Э 159х8-114х6


Э 159х4.5-133х4


Э 159х8-133х6


Э 168х8-108х6


Э 168х8-114х6


Э 168х8-133х8


Э 219х6-57х3


Э 219х6-76х3.5


Э 219х6-89х3.5


Э 219х6-108х4


Э 219х10-108х6


Э 219х6-114х4


Э 219х10-114х6


Э 219х6-133х4


Э 219х10-133х8


Э 219х6-159х4.5


Э 219х10-159х8


Э 219х6-168х5


Э 219х10-168х8


Э 273х7-108х4


Э 273х10-108х6


Э 273х7-133х4


Э 273х10-133х6


Э 273х7-159х4.5


Э 273х10-159х8


Э 273х7-219х6


Э 273х10-219х8


Э 325х8-108х4


Э 325х10-159х6


Э 325х8-219х7


Э 325х10-219х8


Э 325х12-108х6


Э 325х8-133х5


Э 325х8-159х4.5


Э 325х8-273х7


Э 325х10-273х10


Э 377х12-159х6


Э 377х12-219х8


Э 377х10-273х8


Э 377х12-273х10


Э 377х10-325х8


Э 377х12-325х10


Э 426х12-159х8


Э 426х12-219х8


Э 426х10-273х8


Э 426х12-273х10


Э 426х10-325х8


Э 426х12-325х10


Э 426х10-377х10


Э 426х12-377х12


Э 530х12-325х10


Э 530х12-377х10


Э 530х12-426х10


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