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Tungsten Wire

Tungsten Wire

вольфрамовая проволока цена

In appearance similar to tungsten steel and alloys used for melting high strength. Such as the treatment of rolling, forging and drawing. A distinctive feature of tungsten can be considered not only a high boiling point that is greater than 5500 °C, and a very low rate of evaporation at a temperature of 2000 °C.

The conductivity of tungsten is 3 times lower than the conductivity of copper (Cu). Negative features of the metal can be attributed relatively high density and a high tendency to brittle at low temperature, low resistance to oxidation at low temperature. All these drawbacks limit the scope of tungsten. One of the most common products of tungsten tungsten wire is considered.

Wire – semi finished product having a cross section of constant dimensions, or in coils wound around the bobbin, produced by pressing, drawing or rolling. In most cases the wire is obtained by treating the metal under pressure, but rather after the drawing operation.

Brittleness temperature above room tungsten and its technological plasticity is small, but at higher temperatures increases its plasticity and strength remains high. From this it follows to obtain a tungsten wire drawing process requires exposing tungsten or another method for processing under pressure, but in the heated state. Pure tungsten wire is applicable for electrical, radio-electronic industries, where the required low vapor pressure of metal at high operating temperatures.

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