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Tungsten foil | Atomsteel

Tungsten foil

Фольга из вольфрама

Tungsten sheet, efficient and versatile kontraktatsionny material. It is resistant to high temperatures, good strength and elasticity, thus low coefficient of thermal expansion. The product of tungsten is resistant to corrosion and other aggressive natural factors, high thermal conductivity. Resistance and durability of tungsten sheet under conditions of high exploitation and negative external factors, allowed him to break into the ranks of one of the essential materials in the production of modern technology and scientific research.

Disadvantages of tungsten sheet can be characterized by very high production cost. Furthermore metal is very rare and difficult to obtain in pure form, tugoplavy and heavy to handle.

For tungsten sheet starting material is pressed into slabs which are subjected to heat treatment, unfetters and rolled at a high speed until the temperature remains high tungsten. In order to avoid the oxidation occurred at high temperature, using rolling sheath. The thinner the product, the less resources are required for heating and processing. The thinnest sheet is rolled in normal temperature.

To connect tungsten sheets applied point or butt welding. Although it is almost always the seam brittle. In this regard, the best one riveted joint. Tungsten sheet is used in electronics, mechanical engineering, industrial and chemical areas.

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