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Molybdenum foil

Molybdenum foil

Молибденовая фольга

In 1778, the first produced molybdenum oxide MoO3 and only in 1817 it was obtained in a pure form, and only in 1909 it began producing in the industry. Molybdenum can not be found in nature in pure form. This metal lighter tungsten in two, which indicates its high specific strength and molybdenum alloy with titanium easily tolerate heat up to 1500 ° C.

One of the products rolled molybdenum is molybdenum foil. This is a very thin sheet of 0.02 mm thickness, which is made from pure molybdenum MCH containing not less than 99.9% of this material.

Molybdenum foil possesses superior characteristics. It is plastic and flexible, and easily accepts any form, it is very durable, heat-resistant and heat-resistant. Molybdenum foil generally has a very low coefficient of thermal expansion, and a great thermostatic effect. Also molybdenum foil has a corrosion resistance, and its effect on the hot concentrated mineral acids and alkalis. Due to the ductility and toughness of metal foil can rent, which will be an order of magnitude thinner than the aluminum. Foil safe and biologically inert, this is completely fit to virtually any spheres of activity, and produced according to the TU48 19 245 84.

It is a big disadvantage of molybdenum foil is the cost of production as itself molybdenum difficult to isolate in pure form, while he refractory and poorly handled.

The most common applications of the molybdenum foil are nuclear energy, aerospace industry, radio engineering, electronics and chemical industries.

Dimensions and tolerances FOIL

Foil Thickness, mm

Width, mm

The length is not less than

Limit deviation, mm


From 5.0 to 70.0 after 5

500 mm

± 0,003


± 0,005





± 0,007



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