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Kopel is an alloy which in its composition contains about 43% Ni, 2-3% Fe; about 53% Cu and a few other impurities. More information can be found in the table at the end of this article.

Chemical composition, mechanical and physical properties are very close to Kopel constantan,

But there is one feature of alloy Copel, which no one other copper-nickel alloy. It has a maximum thermal electromotive force in an alloy with copper, iron, chromel, while when the temperature coefficient is very low, virtually zero. In the presence of manganese t.e.d.s Kopel decreases and it becomes more electropositive.

When the tempo. To 100 ° C thermoelectric power Copel has an index of 6.95 volts, while the pace. 600 ° C – 49.0 volts.

Alloy Density 8900 kg / m3 and a melting temperature of 1220-1290 ° C.

Copel is very heat resistant and can withstand heat up to 600 ° C without changing its main characteristics.

Kopel is most often used in such industries as the pyrometer. This is the main reason for the fact that the rental is the alloy wire, much less a circle or a tape. To get the most accurate in measuring the relatively low temperatures using thermocouples with maximum thermal emf. As a positive electrode using chromel, iron, copper, and as a negative cell according constantan, alumel, Copel. As the value of the thermal emf best thermocouple Chromel-Kopel. It is used when the measured temperature up to 8000C. Less suitable for thermocouple-iron and copper-Kopel Kopel do760 ° C.

It is often used for the production of Copel compensation wires. Especially for them, they produce a variety of wire diameters and specifications that fully meet the GOST 3044-84. The price of this wire depends on the wire diameter is smaller than, the correspondingly higher price.

The company “Atomsteel” delivers MNMts 43-0,5 Kopel brand wholesale and retail, in the form of a wire (diameter 0.1 mm – 12 mm), in the form of a circle (diameter 12mm – 100mm), in the form of a tape (the thickness of 0.1 mm – 5 mm, width 3 mm – 600 mm). When ordering in bulk, discounts are available.

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