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Perforated pipe stainless steel

Perforated pipe stainless steel


Our company offers perforated stainless steel pipe. The products are manufactured in standard sizes, as well as the customer’s drawings.

Perforated pipe made of such marks or galvanized carbon steel:

  • AISI 321
  • AISI 304
  • AISI 316Ti
  • AISI 310S

The method of manufacture of pipes called a perforation. Take a standard stainless steel pipe, and punched holes in it of equal size at a certain distance from each other.
Of course, the perforations have their own characteristics, and it is on the straight line is dependent on the mutual arrangement of the holes and their shape, as well as the center distance.

Perforation tubes is divided into:

  • square;
  • round;
  • decorative (pattern);
  • oval;
  • other shapes (oblong shape, offset).


Production of perforated pipes

Basically there are two options of manufacture:

Modern equipment allows you to design a diametrical size of 50 – 1650 mm., With a wall thickness of 0.5 – 15 mm. Perforation is a method which allows to keep the strength and functionality of the product, thus significantly reducing its weight.

A wide range of perforated stainless steel pipes (dimensions, methods) allows their use in many areas of life, despite the fact that such products are relatively cheap.

The use of perforated pipes made of stainless steel

Probably the most common such products can be found in the automotive industry, since the corrugated tube is used in mufflers to reduce the noise of cars, and the filter elements. In the construction of this pipeline valves produced various designs, shelves, windows, drainage frames. Also, perforated pipes are used for the construction of ventilated facades, formwork.

Buy perforated pipes

Please contact us and we produce perforated stainless steel tubes at the customer’s request.

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