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Silicone cable

Silicone cable consists of heat-resistant silicone insulation Cr20Ni80 nichrome wire marks as a heating element. Also nichrome tape can serve as a heating element.
Nichrome (Nichrome wire Cr20Ni80) – a precision alloy, which is characterized by its high electrical resistance.

Silicone cable

Basically a two-layer heat-resistant silicone insulation with a melting point of not lower than 500 ° C.
The main characteristics of the silicone insulation

Silicone insulation for heaters is a silicone rubber. It is prepared by extracting the pure silica sand, with subsequent processing to produce high-silicon.

This treatment allows you to get important physical and chemical properties of silicone for isolation:

    it is resistant to high temperatures;
It has increased strength;
resistant to high voltages;
does not burn;
resistant to hostile environments (alkali, acid);
not destroyed by UV and radioactive radiation;
durable resistant to weathering.

Silicone insulation on the wire is wound nichrome turn to turn.

Key Features nichrome silicon insulated (cable)

    The wire diameter in the range of 0.1 – 2.0 mm.
The diametral thickness of 1 mm.
The breakdown voltage is not less than 1250 V.

Nichrome in the silicone insulation. Operation requirements

Do not install the insulated heater of nichrome by winding in multiple layers on the former, as overheating may occur.

The bending diameter should be greater than 5 and a diameter of the current-carrying conductor (without insulation).

Method of installation – fixed.

When you first turn the heating cable can stand the smoke. This is due to the burning of oil residues, which is used during the manufacture of the cable elements.

to the Nichrome wire in a silicone insulation requirements clearly defined.

In accordance with GOST 10994-74 Nichrome in isolation from the silicone recommended for use in high-reliability electrical heaters.

The heating cable is based on the nichrome wire is used in industry for heating: kilns, ovens, injection molding machines, cylinders, heads, plastic extruders, molten bitumen pipeline, various thermal action apparatuses ,.

In everyday life it is used in appliances, soldering iron to heat the building structures, or car seat.
Nichrome Supply silicone insulation

The minimum cable length – 1,000 meters. If desired, you can make the cable impregnated with silicone varnish, which allows you to operate the cable (heating temperature is not more than 500 ° C) in wet areas.

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