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Molybdenum tube

Molybdenum tube

трубы из молибдена

The economy of high-tech production is growing every year. The competitiveness of companies and industries are directly dependent on the use of high-quality raw materials that goes into producing a new generation of products. These products include pipe and refractory metals. These tubes are made from tungsten, niobium, tantalum and chromium, but the best is a molybdenum tube. Pure molybdenum, as well as its alloys possess high levels of elasticity and heat resistance, has a low coefficient of thermal expansion. Alloying with molybdenum (up to 0.8%) of steels and alloys are increases their hardenability, strength, toughness, hardness and durability in aggressive environments, which allows their use for the most critical parts and assemblies.

Advantages of molybdenum pipes

The advantages include high mechanical strength, heat resistance and corrosion resistance. Molybdenum tubes are stable in the most aggressive environments, including hot concentrated solutions of alkalis and acids – hydrochloric, sulfuric and hydrofluoric acid. Molybdenum tubes have a high modulus of elasticity and low coefficient of thermal expansion. The service life of these pipes is much higher than similar products from other metals, it is primarily due to the strength of the material, its resistance to all stresses, as well as the fact that molybdenum is not oxidized at low temperatures.

Disadvantages of molybdenum tubes

The main disadvantage is the cost of production. Molybdenum is a refractory and quite poorly to treatment.  Pure molybdenum has high brittleness of welds and poor ductility at low temperatures. Despite on its disadvantages, molybdenum tube proves itself in operation well.

The use of molybdenum metal roll

There are a lot of industries, which use molybdenum tube, chemical, aerospace, defense industries, and many others. These tubes have no alternatives if you want to make parts and assemblies for special equipment that can withstand the aggressive environment and the temperature in thousands degrees. The most commonly used molybdenum tube with diameter of 20-30 mm and a thickness of 1-2.5 mm.

Our company is taking orders for the supply of molybdenum pipes of different diameters and thicknesses. The quality of pipes is controlled at all stages of production, ensuring compliance with standards and specifications. For wholesale purchases is a flexible system of discounts.

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