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Stainless steel hexagon

Stainless steel hexagon

нержавеющий шестигранник

Stainless steel hexagon – is rolling the product, which in cross-section forms a hexagonal geometric shape with equal sides. As the material is heat-resistant steels with different additives, or without them.

Hexagon has a high enough and strong characteristics and it is often used in the manufacture of various parts for automobiles. Very often, a stainless steel is used for the manufacture of bolts, nuts, various parts and the different parts. Also, the product is used in the food, chemical and engineering industries.

The surface of the hexagon have different surfaces – matt, polished, mirror, and each of them has its own scope. Hexagonal stainless steel with a smooth surface is well suited for interior design and decorative metalwork.

Stainless steel hexagon mark AISI 316Ti very resistant to extremes of high temperatures, as it is made of steel resistant to corrosion. Widely used in the food and chemical industries, and in places where you need to resist the action of aggressive media.

Stainless steel hexagon AISI 321 contains titanium austenitic and has a high impact strength and ductility. Hexagonal well withstands temperatures up to 600 ° C, and working in oxidizing environments such as nitric acid and various organic solvents. Hexagonal stainless steel has a long service life and high performance usage.

Stainless hexagon AISI 310 manufactured high-alloy steel, and has high characteristics of resistance to corrosion and heat. The product is in demand in different branches of industry and delivered to the customer in coils or bars, and depending on the curvature of the rods they are divided into classes 1 and 2.



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