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(Рус) Вольфрамовые штабики

Tungsten rods

вольфрамовый штабик цена

Tungsten rods are the products, which is used in manufacturing and other industries.

Tungsten rods are produced by pressing in the form of a rectangular prism with a cross section up to 40×40 mm and lengths up to 650 mm. Of the products with a small cross section of the wire is made, and from blanks with a large cross-section – tape insert.

To make it tungsten rod-oxidized in a muffle furnace up to 700-800 degrees, before it was ground to powder. Thereafter, in this mode are reduced to the metal.

After this process, rods become very fragile even at ambient temperature, and they are not possible in such a state forged. According to this further product was subjected to a rotary forging machine, under pressure and at a temperature of 1300 – 1350 ° C. The thus obtained tungsten rods with diameter of 1 – 3 mm.

Also there are other methods of treatment of bars of tungsten, for example, by broaching rods diamond or tungsten carbide die, to obtain a wire thickness of 10 – 12 microns.

The most common sizes of bars: 12X12X400, 9x9X400, 15x15X400 mm.

To analyze the resulting rod-tungsten, it is broken into pieces and take the average sample. Due to the low electric products, so that it is heated up to 3000 C, need more current and low voltage.

During extrusion, to minimize the residual porosity can not, because the tungsten crystals at low temperatures are very durable and do not deform. And there are strong pressure chipped or bundle of bars.

For tungsten welding of bars needed current, which will be 88 – 93% of the current strength, which is necessary for melting the tungsten at a temperature of 3000 ° C. The time of welding rods, depending on its size which is about 15 – 60 min.

To get the most sophisticated and accurate details of of bars, they were also soaked in a hydrogen atmosphere of molten copper. Thereafter, rod-treated by conventional methods, and then the copper was removed by evaporation in vacuo.


Because tungsten is made of bars: bars, strip electrodes for melting, contacts for melting in electric arc furnaces, vacuum, X-ray tubes (additive to alloys), mirror.

In general, material is often used as a dopant for improving the characteristics of the alloys.

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