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Монель, hastelloy, inconel

Monel, Hastelloy, Inconel


Monel (Monel) – is an alloy containing a nickel (up to 67%) and copper (30%). Monel is a registered trademark, which is owned by Special Metals Corporation. Compared hundred steel, Monel has difficulty in processing due to particular process (quenched at very high temperature). Alloy processed at low speeds. It has good corrosion resistance, high strength and ductility. Apply Monel in aircraft construction, shipbuilding, chemical, medical, oil, tool industry. Cost of alloy in most cases much higher stainless steel.

Hastelloy (Hastelloy) rights to the trademark owned by Haynes International. The basic material used for the alloy is nickel and molybdenum, are added as a result. Adding the impurity chromium, iron, carbon and alloying elements copper, manganese, titanium, aluminum, zirconium, vanadium, tungsten, niobium, cobalt. The main application is Hastelloy-quality work at high pressure and high temperature in contact with corrosive compounds. Produce coating on the surface of other metals to protect them Hastelloy.

Franchisor trademark Inconel (Inconel) belong digging Specials Metals Corporation. This alloy combines family of nickel-chromium superalloys resistant to oxidation and corrosion. With increasing temperature, the alloy forms a stable passivating oxide film that protects the surface from further destruction. Inconel retains its strength in a wide temperature interval, is therefore suitable where aluminum or steel can not be applied.

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