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Titan sheet

Titan sheet

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Titanium has a lot of positive qualities, which makes it very popular in terms of preparations for further processing in the industry. Titanium sheet has a high mechanical strength and elasticity upon deformation. Titan is well tolerated atmospheric influence and good resistance to corrosion. Chemically inert to the active compounds and substances in conjunction with all its characteristics leads to widespread use of titanium in all areas of industry.

Annealed titanium sheet, with a possible editing. In accordance with standart sheets BT1-0 cut at a right angle, in addition to the sheet should not be rough burrs. Titanium sheet can be divided into types based mud following indicators: quality of surface finish, enhanced trim and high trim. In deviation from the plane: the normal and improved flatness.

Due to the high specific strength titanium, its heat resistance and resistance to corrosion and sea water, high resistance to fatigue loads. Thanks to these distinctive qualities of titanium sheet BT1-0 used as semifinished product for the production of end products in various industries.

The widespread use of titanium sheet was in the helicopter industry and aircraft industry for the production of the hull, drive carrying blades, wings. The shipbuilding industry is used for the production of the shell plating of the ship and the ship’s plating equipment manufacturing propellers of widely used sheet of titanium was in the chemical industry and rocket production.

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