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Tangsten tube

Tangsten tube

вольфрамовая труба

Wolframium name was due to the fact that tungsten, accompanying tin ore smelting tin prevented by transferring it to the slag foam (so-called wolf froth). The metal has a light gray color.

Using high-tech production processes raw material not only improves the quality and cost of material and development of the industry as a whole.

The advantage of a tungsten tube is shown in the refractory tungsten, its heat resistance and heat resistance. Pipes are resistant to many corrosive media including solutions of alkali, sulfuric, hydrochloric and nitric acids. Tungsten products have many distinctive qualities: durability and protection from fatigue during heating and cooling and the lowest coefficient of expansion among metals in this class. In tungsten perfect tension and compression, good resistance to thermal creep and high thermal conductivity. Advanced process for producing tungsten increases the total cost of the tungsten products. The weight of the finished products – is very high.

Produce tungsten pipe pieces on the high-technology equipment. Using a vacuum heat treatment and technology of the modern chemical processing. The quality of the material is monitored at all stages.

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