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Nichrome wire Cr20Ni80 | Atomtechnology LTD

Nichrome wire Cr20Ni80

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icons8-обогрев-64Company “Atomtehnology” ltd offers nichrome wire Cr20Ni80 from stock in Dnepr city. Nichrome – is an alloy that consists of from 55 to 78% of nickel and 15 to 23% chromium, and with no substantial addition of silicon, iron, aluminum, and manganese. In America in 1905 in the first developed this alloy.

The alloy has the following physical properties:

– Resistivity 1,0-1,1 • 106 ohm • m –

– Operating temperature nichrome 800-1100 ° C, a melting point from 1100 to 1400 ° C;

– Density of Nichrome – 8200-8500 kg/m3;

– Specific heat nichrome – 0.45 kJ / (kg • K);

– Tensile strength – 0.65-0.70 GPa;

– High heat resistance of nichrome to 1250 ° C;

Nichrome wire Cr20Ni80 has a minimum electrical resistance when heated, elevated temperature strength, ductility, holds its shape well. High ductility of the alloy makes it possible to expose his chiseled, welding, stamping, drawing, stamping and other machining. The price of Nichrome is high enough, but given his performance durability and reliability, you can live with. The most popular brands are nichrome Cr20Ni80 Cr15Ni60 and which is recommended for heating electrothermal equipment. H20N80 comprises Nichrome – 20% chromium and 80% nickel. The alloy has a resistivity Cr20Ni80 – 650 Ohms / cmf, and a melting temperature – 1200°C.

Cr15Ni60 wire comprises – 60% nickel, 16% chromium, 24% iron. The alloy has a resistivity – 675 Ohms/cmf, and a melting temperature – 1390°C. Cr20Ni80 wire or a metal strand, generally circular, but sometimes with a square, hexagonal, trapezoid transverse cross-section. Generally they are made of steel, copper, aluminum, titanium, zinc, nickel and their alloys. The most optimum section is considered round, since it has a maximum value cross-sectional area to the perimeter wire. Also available in stores polymetallic and bimetallic wire. They are made at a stretch (drawing) of the metal through successively smaller holes. Thus can be obtained various product diameters. Nichrome is different, the weight is directly dependent on wire diameter and grade metal alloy.


Probably the most important feature is the electrical resistance of nichrome. It is determined by a variety of factors, e.g., the resistance depends on the wire diameter and grade alloy. If the temperature of nichrome resistance remains the same as the nichrome wire can be used in the manufacture of heating elements and nodes in the resistance, for example in the resistors, rheostats, electric heating, and in the production equipment.

Nichrome wire has a corrosion resistance when operating in corrosive environments, high yield strength, allowing the use of smaller diameter wire.

Marked on the wire:

– H – for heating elements;

– C – resistance elements;

– TEH – for tubular electric heaters.

Application of Nichrome wire and brands Cr20Ni80 Cr15Ni16 very broad, such as the use of heating and cutting elements in packaging knives. Is used as heating elements in an industrial electric furnace, and in various electrical heating devices such as heating devices in the household. Industrially used water and air heaters. On average, Nichrome wire has a density of 8.4 g/cm3. It is often used in electrical wires, drills, thermocouple, metal products, electrodes, springs, electronic devices and other elements. It is often used as a nichrome heat-resistant alloy and highly corrosive environments work.

You can buy nichrome wire from stock of “Atomtechnology” LTD in Dnepropetrovsk sity, Ukraine.

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