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Molybdenum wire

Molybdenum wire

молибденовая проволока

Molybdenum is an exceptional material on the properties. It is easier to twofold for tungsten and has a high specific strength. Molybdenum wire intensively used light and heavy industry, as the metal has a high heat resistance, refractoriness, and a great ability to resist corrosion. The wire used for the manufacture of lighting fixtures and tools, as there need high strength and heat resistance. Also, it can safely be used in various branches of the national economy.

Despite all the positive qualities of molybdenum, its main drawback is a fairly high cost of production, since it is difficult to be separated from impurities in pure form, it is quite refractory and heavily processed.Metal is very durable and reliable and fully pays for the cost of it.

According to the requirements of molybdenum wire, its surface must be free of oxidation, grease and othercontaminants. Wire thickness up to 0.4 mm can be dark gray or black, thicker sizes are light gray.Molybdenum wire surface must be free of cracks and burrs, but the size of 0.5 mm thickness requirementsare less stringent allowed burrs that the truth is not out of tolerance. There are special tables that contain rules and tear strength. Also worth noting is the fact that molybdenum wire must withstand spiralization.

The wire is made of several grades which differ in the method of production and the content of impurities.The most popular brands MCH (molybdenum clean).

We offer a quality product that is manufactured on the latest technologies and is constantly monitored for quality products.

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