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Nichrome mesh

Nichrome mesh

Нихромовая сетка

Nichrome wire produce mesh nichrome woven production with square cells, as well as other species.

Nichrome mesh fabric is made in accordance with GOST 3826-82.

The most common brand of nichrome mesh – Cr20Ni80. Nichrome material from which it is made must be approximately 20% chromium and 80% – nickel. Although these is proportions only approximate, because according to GOST this brand contains: nickel – 73-78%, and chromium – 19-21%. Remaining percentage is iron, magnesium and other alloying elements.

Nichrome mesh brand Cr15Ni60 contains nickel – 55,0-61,0%, and chromium – 15,0-18,0%.

By way of manufacturing grid nichrome divided into:


The mesh may also have a different form of cells, for example:

square cells;

Fields of application nichrome mesh very wide. Owing to high heat resistance, it can easily be used at temperatures up to 1500 ° C.. Instance, in the production of various items, filtering liquids, or heating furnaces.

Pressed wire mesh with square cells used for filtering, classification, drying material, or the separation of bulk materials fraction. Also in production it often is used in centrifuges.

The main classification of nichrome grid cell size is, in fact, this figure determines how and where it will be applied.

Relative to the size of cells, the grid is used:

Filtration and screening of bulk materials;
for filtering liquid, air and gas flows;
for the manufacture of conveyor mesh used as a reinforcing framework that improves durability of tape and its characteristics;
primary dewatering waste solutions;
Filtration under vacuum various solutions;
as a reinforcing material and thermal insulation of industrial equipment and pipelines;
for complete precipitation and sludge dewatering by drying;
for very fine abrasives sort who underwent fragmentation and separation and sizing of bulk materials (for use networks such works very accurate cell dimensions, where differences do not exceed a few hundredths of;
recovery clay mud. It is used in drilling oil and gas wells;
for the production of breathable protective screens in mechanical engineering;
for the production of various fences and separation of hazardous areas in the shops in the workplace.

The company “Atomtehnology” ltd manufactures and sells mesh nichrome various configuration and purpose. All products are packed in rolls that are wrapped in plastic wrap Grid with a very fine mesh supplied in boxes or cartons.

Nichrome grid corresponds to GOST 3826-82 and all technical specifications.

We offer products for small needs, and great production.

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