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Molybdenum sheet

Molybdenum sheet

Молибденовый лист

The company “Atomsteel” offers from the presence of a sheet of molybdenum. Molybdenum – a chemical refractory malleable metal with a gray-tinged lead. It has good heat resistance and low coefficient of thermal expansion.

Molybdenum is mainly used as a dopant to the alloys. It is used in construction details, which have long been working in vacuum conditions up to 1800 ° C, such as a rocket nozzle in nuclear power reactors, for the manufacture of equipment that works corrosive environments.

One type of rolling the metal is molybdenum sheet. He is considered excellent construction material with heat-resistant qualities. A molybdenum sheet having high elasticity and strength, it is also highly resistant to corrosion in a gas atmosphere, and in contact with concentrated acids and alkalies. Material easier molybdenum tungsten twice, implying a higher specific strength.

The disadvantages of the metal may include: high cost of molybdenum sheet member rare in nature, complexity metal recovery in pure form, and poor refractoriness sacrifice processing.

Sheet Molybdenum extensively used in light sources for thermal barriers in the heat-resistant containers. The sheet of molybdenum is used in the manufacture of electric bushings for heating elements that operate in a hydrogen atmosphere at temperatures up to 1600 ° C. Also Molybdenum sheet is used in electronics, X-ray technology.

We guarantee product quality in strict compliance with technological standards of production. As soon as possible carry out the order, and wholesale purchases, we offer a flexible discount system.

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