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Tungsten crucible

Tungsten crucible

Вольфрамовый тигель

Tungsten crucibles (melting pots) are special heat-resistant containers for various applications.

Features tungsten crucibles

Crucibles divide by the process of molding:

  • sintering,
  • stamping,
  • forming a crate,
  • rotation molding.

Options and features:

  • High-purity tungsten – above 99.95%;
  • The density of tungsten crucibles – 18.2 g / cm3;
  • the melting point of tungsten – 3410 ℃,
  • Operating temperature up to 2300 ℃.

Methods of manufacturing:

  • turning;
  • sintering;
  • sputtering.


  • ВА
  • ЦСВД
  • В-ПМ
  • В-ППМ


Tungsten crucible furnace used in the industry. They melted quartz glass, rare earth elements, are grown single crystals, sapphires. That’s when grown sapphire, tungsten crucibles are very important. Products have a high density and purity, have no internal cracks, have a perfectly smooth surface, thus exerting a decisive influence on the quality control and the growth of crystals.

Besides the above, tungsten crucibles used for the sintering, melting, and annealing of powder materials. Complex shapes (pot with a round neck, oval, tapered and the crucible without a bottom), are widely used in machinery, metallurgy, light industry and in the manufacture of ceramics and glass. They are great for melting and casting of scandium, dispoziya, yttrium.

Tungsten crucible. Realization

Our company implements Atomstell tungsten crucibles of various shapes and sizes. It is possible to make products according to customer drawings. We produce tungsten crucibles in accordance with the standards and STANDART as’re careful control of the chemical composition and density of the product, the quality of the surface, the inner microstructure.

Ordering products from us, the customer receives the crucibles of high chemical purity, a wide range of sizes and dimensions at reasonable prices.

Tungsten crucibles, which are made to order, depending on the wishes of the client, can be welded, sintered, extruded. Their surface may be processed and carried out calcination under the conditions of an industrial complex.

We pack crucibles in boxes and delivered in any point of Ukraine. We are waiting for your calls.

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