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Welded pipe

Stainless steel welded pipes

Stainless welded pipe has a circular, rectangular, square section. The pipe is manufactured by welding steel sheets in the transverse direction. Sometimes using galvanized steel bands (strips). For this purpose use the trailing (more popular) or spiral seam (more productive).


Welded stainless steel tubes. Production

Stainless welded pipe has some limitations on the thickness of the walls, this is due to the technological features of production.

Thick-walled welded pipes can have a thickness of 2-10 mm, thin-walled, respectively, 0.5-2 mm.

The most important item in the production of such pipes is a post-processing welded seams to maximize prevent corrosion around welds.

Welded pipe manufacturing method includes the following stages: 

  • It separated from the sheet metal.
  • Formed blank just below the profile of the future tube.
  • Connecting to weld seams.

Held further adjustment of welded stainless steel tube. Hot or cold rolled caliber rollers.

Stainless steel welded pipes GOST 11068-81 standardized by. The document states that this type of product has 40 sizes (diameter 8-102 mm). According to the norms of the length of the welded stainless steel tube is 5 or 9 meters.

Pipes electric. Classification

By the nature of the seam:

  • Welded,
  • Spiral.

Depending on the used steel pipes welded GOST 10704-91 are marked by this:

  • letters KP – longitudinal welded pipe from boiling steel;
  • letters SS – from balanced steel pipe;
  • letters JV – longitudinal welded steel pipes calm.

Requirements for longitudinal welded pipes are determined by the regulations:

  • GOST 10706-76 – Steel used Article 20 and Article 3.
  • GOST 10705-80 – used large variety of steel grades, such as 17G1Su, 10, 20.

When welding longitudinal welded stainless steel tubes of high-frequency welding, seam turns out better than in arc welding. When using such pipes, prevent their bending, as in this case broken seam tightness.

In cross-section:

  • shaped tubes,
  • round,
  • oval.

By way of rolling are divided into:

  • cold
  • hot.

Also, welded pipes, depending on the external processing are:

  • Thermal insulation,
  • Galvanized,
  • Asbestos.

Stainless welded pipe. Characteristics

Almost all of the properties of such tubes are identical, and other products made of stainless steel. It should be noted their resistance to physical stress, durability, ecological compatibility, and resistance to corrosion.

Of course, the most important characteristic of electric-welded pipes is their ease of installation and high weldability.

It should be noted that they are not designed to operate under extreme conditions of pressure. They have lower mechanical strength when compared with seamless pipes.

The use of welded pipes

Stainless steel welded pipes most commonly used transport, food, engineering and chemical industries.

Examples of where the use welded pipes:

  • The utilities for the building heating systems and water supply.
  • The construction for the erection of steel structures.
  • In production for the manufacture of locking reinforcement
  • In the food industry to create a system of transporting food products.

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