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Company “Atomtehnology” LTD offers products 36NiCrTiAl availability of warehouse in Dnepropetrovsk.36NiCrTiAl – an alloy, which he attributed to the properties of precision alloys. By the construction and method of manufacturing the alloy belongs to the subgroup of age-hardenable corrosion-resistant alloys.

Alloy 36NiCrTiAl made ​​elastic elements, which are used in high-precision measuring instruments, temperature limit which works to 2500°C.

The company “Atomtehnology” LTD offers metal alloy 36NiCrTiAl:
rods, hot-rolled
forged rods
cold-drawn wire

Chemically 36NiCrTiAl special steel comprises nickel, iron and chromium as main components and additives in the form of aluminum and titanium, and some of the alloying metals such as silicon and manganese. About 36 % of the total alloy composition falls on nickel, from 43 to 49 % for iron, 13 to 11.5 % chromium, 2.7 to 3.2 % titanium, from 0.9 to 1.2% of aluminum and other metals. More information about the chemical composition of the alloy 36NiCrTiAl can see in the table below.

We offer assorted metal: wire, circle, tube, rod of heat-resistant and corrosion-resistant special steel36NiCrTiAl. The alloy manufactured in open furnaces, and quenched in air or in water at temperatures up to 1200 degrees Celsius. Wire hardened at 1050 – 11500°C air. Pull the shoes became 36NiCrTiAlconducted initially at a temperature of 1150 – 11800°C, and then at 8500°C. Alloy is very easy to weld in any way, for example, is used for manual welding electrodes of RLA and RLA -25 -35.

Bar 36NiCrTiAl produced within the boundaries of the length of 2-6 meters. Depending on the accuracy of the production range is marked by the letters A, B and C. A – high precision, B – Increased accuracy in – standard production accuracy. Circle of special steel 36NiCrTiAl depending on the heat treatment may be:

without heat treatment;
with heat treatment (marked – T);
full hard (marked – H).

Bar 36NiCrTiAl alloy used as a template for the production of rolled products such as area, bar, profile for construction works, channels. As the terms used in the manufacture of shafts, tappets, axles, bushings and other parts in mechanical engineering.

36NiCrTiAl wire used for the manufacture of fasteners, mesh, springs, electrodes for different parts of household appliances, construction fencing, for reinforcement, for booking.

Bar and wire from alloy 36NiCrTiAl widely used for making nets furnace conveyors covers thermocouples parts burners. Due to the heat resistance of steel parts can last for much longer, especially at operating temperatures 13000°C.

Sheet steel 36NiCrTiAl are manufactured by cold-rolled and hot-rolled products. In quality and popularity list 36NiCrTiAl not inferior to similar materials of stainless steel. Heat-resisting sheet used in those places where there is constant temperature overload, for example, the design of turbine engine combustion chamber furnace.

Sheet is resistant to aggressive and acidic environments. It is used in engineering, construction, medicine, chemical and food industries. Sheet of 36NiCrTiAl even made ​​dishes and appliances.

Quality pipes 36NiCrTiAl increased heat resistance depends on two physical factors: the relationships between atoms in the alloy, and the structure of matter. Such a tube is highly resistant to corrosion at elevated temperatures as air or gas environment. This type of pipe used in various thermal devices , and power plants, where necessary components with high resistance. Alloy tube 36NiCrTiAl doped with aluminum, and silicon, well maintained work in hostile environments. A strong heating pipes are formed on the surface of the protective film of aluminum oxide, chromium.

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