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Titanium tube

Titanium tube

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Now on the market in the field of metal, pipes of various alloys and metals, are considered the most popular titanium tubes. What is the secret of such popularity? The answer is simple in the excellent characteristics of titanium tubes. They do not lend themselves to any atmospheric or soil corrosion. Pipes do not interact with the media, and chemical elements. Titanium tubes have high mechanical performance and are able to withstand high loads for a long time , as well as high and low temperatures. Honestly very difficult to overestimate the dignity of titanium tubes, because they are not only the most durable of all known pipes, but for many years and are able to serve faithfully. Despite the high cost, titanium pipes fully justify invested in them.

Pure titanium has a very low strength, and for this it is used in the alloys. There are four categories of titanium alloys, which have their own characteristics. For example, titanium alloys and welded type well and is able to withstand high temperatures. Alloys close to a phase have an increased resistance to creep and – P alloys have high strength after hardening. As a result, it is good strength, refractoriness and plasticity allows the use of titanium in military equipment, rocket science, aerospace and medicine.

Production of titanium tubes

There are several methods of producing titanium tubes:
seamless (hot rolled and cold method);
welded (high-frequency welding).

Briefly describe the manufacturing process can be as follows: blank form, machinable, do rolling of tubes required size. Hot-rolled pipes treated mechanically processing and external , and the internal diameter. To make use of welded titanium tubes and flat rolled stainless alloys. In order to get a high quality in the final product, the product is subjected to a heat treatment in special vacuum annealing furnaces. Additional spend pickling welded titanium tubes. The advantage of this pipe in the glory that their quality is maintained regardless of changes in temperature, that is, do not lose their original shape.

Produce seamless pipes with diameter of 3-325mm, wall thickness in the range of 0.15 – 30mm, and that’s why there are no difficulties with the choice of a suitable metal of this material. Most often for the production of titanium tubes used titanium grade 1-0 Tues.

All products are produced which meets all state standards and specifications.

Below is a list of standards for the production of tubes from titanium alloys:
– Round billets : 1-5-132-78 TU , TU 14 -1U -1909 -93 , TU 14-3-821-79 3;
– Welded pipes GOST 24890-81 8;
– Welded titanium : OST 1 90051-79;
– Cold-formed seamless pipes made ​​of alloys based on titanium : GOST 22897-86 2;
– Cold-formed seamless pipes (grade alloy-PT-3V ): TU14 -3-1280-84 7;
– Hot-rolled seamless pipes GOST 21945-76 5 TU 14-3-821-79;
– Cold-formed seamless pipes ( alloy grade – PT-7M , PT-1M ) 14-3-820-79 TU , TU 14-3-521-76 6;
– Extruded pipe : TU 1-5-107-78 4;
– Pipe OST 1 90050-72 9;
– Pipes (better quality ): OST 1 90065-72 10.


Titanium tubes used in virtually all industries, but most often they are used where necessary strength and resistance to various external stimuli, whether it is alkaline, acid or heat. For example, its place in the titanium tubes are: gas and oil pipelines, shipbuilding, drilling (deep-water oil, natural gas ) in jet technology.

Pipes of BT easily withstand temperatures in the range from -250°C to +450°C. Series from different pipe corrosion resistance to salts, organics, that’s why they are in demand in the petrochemical industry, and other industries.

The company “Atomtehnology” LTD offers to buy titanium tubes of different brands and sizes. All products conform to international standards, and have terrific qualities.

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