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Steem piping system

Steem piping system

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Steam piping system include a large number of auxiliary equipment, which ensures the safety, regularityand performance of the entire system. This accessory is called – valves for steam. These include condensate traps, valves, air, condensate pumps, ball valves, pressure relief and safety valves, and other fittings.

Some fittings for steam ball valves, check valves, and steam traps are used in other systems, such as gas pipelines, water supply, heating mains. The following describes fittings for steam, which can be purchasedon our website.

Float Steam Traps Thermodynamic

Trap – this is one of the most important components of the steam system. The main purpose of the trap is the emission from the system of condensate, air and other non-condensable gases and steam to delay until itcondenses completely. If the system has no traps, it is impossible to avoid corrosion, water hammer, and reduce the performance of the hardware. Trap in its design is an automatic valve.

Steam separators

Vapor separator – a mechanism that is able to capture and remove liquid droplets from the vapor, to get a good (dry) steam. Separators recommend setting before adjusting devices and gearboxes on the main pipelines. It is also possible to use in compressed air systems to remove condensate. The diameter of theseparator should be equal to the diameter of the steam line. The condensate is removed from the systemthrough the drain pipe separator.

Condensate Pumps

Condensate water pump pumps the condensate, whose temperature is above the operating temperature limitof centrifugal electric pumps. The condensate is pumped to the condensate without involving electricity.

Pressure Reducing valve

Pressure relief valve – a mechanism that recirculated liquid or gas from the high pressure zone to a zone of lower pressure, while it maintains a constant pressure in one of the zones of the pipeline.

Sight glasses

Flanged sight glass is designed for visual inspection of the working fluid flow in production. They are used in food processing, oil refining, chemical, gas and construction industries.

Pressure relief valves

Safety valve prevents pressure in the pipeline to rise above acceptable, dumping the excess volume of the working fluid through the pipe.

Air vent for water systems

Air vent is designed for automatic venting of the heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, which is forming an air lock prevents the passage of working medium through the tubes.

Coolers sampling boilers

Cooler for sampling water or steam. The selection is made for periodic inspection of the boiler water.Coolers do not allow the formation of flash steam.

Vacuum interrupters

Vacuum breaker prevents the formation of a vacuum in the pipes, and protects equipment and process technology from unwanted consequences.

Steam Injection

Steam injector is used to inject steam into the water tank, in installations for heating water. Injector takescold water by mixing it with the steam, ensuring quiet operation and minimal vibration.


A steam-water mixing heats the water by means of steam. Internal fuse in mixer eliminates the steam supply if stopped cold water.

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